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Ceramic Plate

50.00 EUR

Siphon Seltzer Bottle with Roses

50.00 EUR

Red Wine Glass with Poppy and Iris, 547 ml

30.00 EUR

Vase from the Laboratory

77.00 EUR

Red Rose Glass Recipient for Candle

25.00 EUR

Vase with Hibiscus

47.00 EUR

​Metamorphosis Calla Lamp​

107.00 EUR

Champagne Flute - In the ring 200ml

25.00 EUR

Calla Leaves Glass Recipient for Candle

25.00 EUR

Red Wine Glass 1969 , 547ml

30.00 Eur

Decanter with Poppy Flower Petals, 1200ml

37.00 EUR

Metamorphosis Oval Lamp

107.00 EUR

Special orders

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