WELCOME TO NextHandDesign

My name is Alexandru Poteca. I am a Romanian artist working in the field of sculpture, installation and design. I graduated from the Romanian National University of Art and am currently based in Bucharest.

During my Advanced Diploma studies in Kala Bhavana in India, I was inspired by the unique nature of Santiniketan to apply layers of flowers and foliage on my sculpture, which I later developed into the branded technique of vegetal coating.

The technique involves collating natural leaves and flower petals strategically combined with golden and copper leaf, on com mon objects, either ready of hand made . The visual qualities of these objects, resulted from the chromatic richness of the plant world associated with the elegance of gold or the warm embrace of copper, are even further enhanced by their unique texture and intensified by the geometry of nature.

NextHandDesign is a brand featured to promote design objects on which interventions have been made by using different collating techniques, starting with vegetal coating and continuing with gold leaf, newspaper and copper leaf applying techniques.